Welcome to Michiana Aquarium Society

The Michiana Aquarium Society meets at the Roseland Community Center Building, 200 Independence Dr, South Bend, IN, except the July Picnic that is at the Roseland Town Park, West Cripe Street in Roseland IN.

The monthly meetings starting in 2017 will be on the 3rd Friday of the month except the July Picnic which will be on the 3rd Sunday of the month and the December Party which will be on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

Meetings begin at 6:30pm except for the July Picnic and the December Party which will start at 1:00pm.

The general meetings provide a variety of functions.

Informal discussion, perhaps the most individually valuable aspect, is encouraged. The agenda of Society business provides an open forum for group input and decision. Programs covering various hobby topics are presented.

Bowl Show competitions are held.

Raffle prize drawings and snacks round out the social atmosphere.

Auctions of hobby items (fish, plants, equipment, etc.) are conducted, sellers receive the bulk of the proceeds.



April 28th – 29th –  30th – May 1st

Waterford Estates Lodge

52890 SR 933 North,

South Bend, IN 46637
Hotel reservations call:

Everyone is adviced to wear pink Hats! There will be lottery and winner will receive 50 inch TV

List of our Governors

John Shreve

John Shreve is our president and it is the guy that runs this website, thanks to him it is alive. We are all proud of hes commitment to our society and we thank him for creating this website visible to all others our society members.

Don Brandt

Donnie is old friend of John and close relative after he married hes daughter.

Melinda Shreve

Wife of our beloved John, a great lady to know with hearth so big it could contain oceans.

Ben Slocum

He is responsible for all money that flows through our society (althought I wouldn’t trust him – Jokey)

Vern Cloud

Jeremy Phillips

Bruce Haynes

Don Keim

Jim Lindeman

Jim Reed

Bob Thayer

If you wish to make an appointment through our website use this form

At each monthly General Meeting a small exhibition dubbed the “Bowl Show” is held. There is a schedule of classes published early in the year for the entire year, with the exception of December, and reminders of upcoming classes are given in advance in a number of methods (usually at the preceding meeting and in the Michiana Tropical Times).

Ribbons are awarded for first through fourth places and points are calculated, culminating in an annual award. The classes are established to attempt to cover all general classes of fish kept within the club, and to encourage each and every member to participate. The benefits of the event are numerous, the prime one being to help educate the aquarist about the general aspects of showing fish.

In addition to the Bowl Show Classes listed above, each month there is also a class for Favorite Fish. These are any type of fish not shown in the month’s classes. They are judged by the members in attendance. Photos of each monthly winner will be shown at the Christmas Party and the ultimate People’s Choice favorite will be chosen by members in attendance.

The rules governing the event are as follows:

Points will be awarded as follows:
1st Place – 5 points, 2nd Place – 4 points, 3rd Place – 3 points, 4th Place – 2 points, Non-Placing entry – 1 point.

There is no limit to the number of entries.

Entries must be shown in flat-sided containers.

Entries should be separated in such a fashion that the judge can determine which fish is judging. (e.g., two Barbs should be shown in separate containers in order for (a) the judges to distinguish between the entries, and (b) the viewing public to be able to compare the placing of the entries).

At the end of the year, the top exhibitor(s) may be awarded an appropriate memento of their accomplishment, as determined by the Board of Directors.

Fish exhibited each month must conform to the classes that are scheduled for that month.

Judging will be performed by members who do not have fish entered in the class that they are judging, using a “sight” method to expedite the computation of placement of the entries.

In all matters, the decision of the Bowl Show Chairman shall be final.

If you wish to participate use contact form above or go to contact page.


The primary purpose of the Breeder Award Program is to recognize the achievements of members of the Michiana Aquarium Society in the area of inducing aquatic life to reproduce and in the raising of the offspring of such aquatic life. In promoting this program, we, as aquarists, also recognize the positive benefits of: Record-keeping regarding the spawning or breeding habits of aquatic life and their young. Making available, to club members, aquatic life bred and raised in local waters. Increasing the general knowledge, experience and interest in the hobby on the part of our members.


The Ultimate Challenge Award Program is an extension of the Breeder Award Program. It will be a breeding program with 9 (nine) Categories, each of which will include a designated number of species from multiple subcategories. Also included in each main category will be a certain number of required Target Fish which must to be spawned to qualify for each of the nine categories.

The purpose of the Target Fish is to ensure a broad and well-rounded breeding experience within each group. Target Fish are selected on the basis of one or more of the following: (1) limited availability, (2) specific environmental and physiological requirements, (3) pairing and spawning difficulties, and (4) hatching and rearing difficulties.

For at least 50% of the required number of target fish within each group, 2 of the 3 in the case of Cypriniformes, the breeder must submit an article, of at least 500 words, about spawning that species, or give a presentation on the subject, of at least 15 minutes duration, at a club meeting. Any breeder who has already spawned more than 50% of the required target fish within a group prior to the inception of these rules is exempt in that case, and does not have to write articles or give presentations about those species.

Although a species might fit into multiple categories, it may appear only once in the UCAP.


In addition to the Plateau Awards for the Breeder Award Program, there are also Specialty Awards which may be achieved. Those participants who choose to restrict their maintenance and/or breeding to a given family or group of fish, are able to earn special recognition, under the auspices of the Breeder Award Program. More generalized Breeder Award Program participants may also apply for Specialty Award recognition within their various categories of achievement. Specialty Awards represent success with a prescribed number of species, under the existing Breeder Award Program guidelines as to fry count, rearing term, and reporting requirements.

The Specialty Awards are supplements to, and governed by, the ongoing Breeder Awards Program. As Breeder Award Program participants are granted listings and points, these spawns may be applied toward the granting of Specialty Awards under the appropriate categories. No ongoing ledgers will be maintained; periodic Breeder Award Program printouts will serve as evidence of Specialty Award status. Specialty Award forms should be requested from the Breeder Award Program Chairman, maintained and submitted by each individual as a given category is chosen. Specialty Awards are granted, according to the number of spawns required under each category.


To recognize outstanding achievement in growing and propagating aquatic plants. To gather information and knowledge of aquatic plants and their requirements with the additional bonus of having more beautiful aquariums. To identify new aquatic plant species and determine conditions necessary to their care in the aquarium. To establish a permanent record of aquatic plant species available within the hobby and conditions required for their maintenance.

Our History

Founded in September 1968, the Michiana Aquarium Society is a hobbyist organization dedicated to the advancement of interest in all forms of aquatic life, and to supporting the efforts of other organizations with like goals. It has remained a viable source of fish, equipment, experience, assistance and comradeship for its members over the years.

The purpose of this Handbook is to introduce you to the Society, its role in the Michiana area, and its programs, and to provide you with a source document to which to refer if questions concerning Society programs, functions, or rules arise. Updated supplements will be issued as needed. Also included is a sec- tion outlining the responsibilities that accompany various Committee positions.

During its existence, the Michiana Aquarium Society has become noted in the hobby as a well-balanced group of general-interest aquarists, with strong segments of special-interest groups that support each other for the common health of the Society. Historically a strong “Show Club,” the enjoyment of “Tropical Magic” has, in recent years, only been limited by the amount of time allowed the “show weekend.” Visitors and entrants have been known to travel what were once considered great distances to attend. The “Killifish Karnival” is a prime example of the entire club supporting the interests of a few members, with the net result being the betterment of the entire Society. Initiated in 1979, it has steadily grown from a one-day event to one rivaling even the American Killifish Association’s annual show and auction! But more on these events later.

The anchor event of the Michiana Aquarium Society is the General Meeting. These meetings are scheduled monthly and provide a variety of functions. Included during nearly every meeting are such activities as: Informal discussion (perhaps the most individually valuable aspect); the agenda of Society business is presented and discussed with the attending members; programs covering various hobby- related topics are presented; Bowl Show competition is held; door prizes and snacks may round out the social atmosphere. Finally, the meeting is concluded with an auction of fish and equipment, with the bulk of the proceeds going to sellers.

The only other regularly scheduled gathering is the Board of Directors Meeting which is held the Tuesday prior to the General Meeting (usually the third Sunday of each month). The Board Meetings are held in various members’ homes and are strictly for transacting the “Business” of the Society. All Michiana Aquarium Society members are welcome to attend, voice their opinions, and present any and all proposals to the Board for consideration. Time and location are usually announced at the preceding General Meeting. Exhibitions and competition are mainstays of the aquatic hobby in that they provide one of the best forms of exposure available for the Society. Members are encouraged to compete for awards by showing fish under prescribed class and display conditions.

The Michiana Aquarium Society sponsors numerous competitive events ranging from the simple “Bowl Shows,”held in conjunction with the monthly General Meetings, to the above-mentioned larger, more highly structured competitions traditionally held in a public location (such as a shopping mall). Installments later in this booklet provide additional information on these events.

Among the most popular of hobby-oriented exercises conducted by the Society are the excursions we take as a group to further explore the wonders of our hobby. These are held as often as possible, and have included such events as lecture-tours of Chicago’s John G. Shedd Aquarium and the Field Museum of Natural History; group shopping sprees to the pet shops in larger cities, visits to State Fisheries and river exploration expeditions. Any member with an idea for a group, club-sponsored event such as these is encouraged to bring it forth for consideration; after all, shared experiences are why we are called a “Society.”

The Michiana Aquarium Society is privileged to perform many functions of benefit to the local area, to the hobby in general, and to the ecology of fishes. Perhaps the most far-reaching of these services is our support of area groups. We gave a series of talks in aquarium management to supplement the 4H Aquatic Science program; in conjunction with National Pet Week the “Science Alive” exposition, and the local Humane Society, members have spent time in public venues distributing literature on the hobby, exhibiting some of their favorite fish, and generally promoting the Society. Additionally, articles published in the Society’s Journal have appeared or been referenced, in several specialty magazines and thus the preservation of species, whose natural habitat has been destroyed, is encouraged.

The Michiana Tropical Times is the official club publication. More than just a news bulletin of upcoming club events, club business and officers’ reports, it has been recognized as one of the better society-published journals in the country. Many authors have received reprints and reviews of their works in the national aquarium magazines as well as too many of the other societies’ publications to mention here.

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